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E-Mehari, electric car

mehari electrique

Thought in 1940 under its name "Baby Brousse", marketed in 1968 for the first time, the Mehari remains the emblematic car of freedom, leisure and stroll.

Since 2016, the Mehari is updated in its electric version. Repeating successfully the concept of the original Mehari, here is the ecological and economic evolution of the Mehari.

Libbecciu Location invites you to discover Corsica at the same time as this electric wonder. With 27 years of experience in the world of rental and organization of stay, Libbecciu Rental offers today to combine the pleasure of freedom with the comfort of the car. Without forgetting to preserve our land and its environment.

The questions you ask yourself:

Its autonomy?
Announced with 200km of autonomy, the E-Mehari is actually able to travel more than 150 on our island (tested life size), which corresponds to Ajaccio - Bastia or Ajaccio - Bonifacio.

Is it enough for a day?
Yes ! We organize your stay in Corsica , with stages not exceeding a consumption of 40% for a trip. Once again, the feasibility has been tested, and allows you to move widely throughout the day. Each stage is about fifty kilometers from the previous one and the next, which leaves you more than 100km to mop around. What largely fill your day. We thought about your comfort, without you having to worry.

How to recharge?
All our partners are equipped with fast charging stations for electric cars, and are waiting for you. In one night (8h), the car recharges 100%.

And if I break down?
Aware of the concern that may arise this novelty, we have set up for you 24/7 assistance. Do not panic, the slightest worry, we find the solution.

Libecciu Location
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